Diwan Bachal Mall

Diwan Bachal Mall and Mir Mehrab Khan, the Khan of Kallat had close relations for many generations. The Diwan and his ancestors had always been loyal to the Khan of Kallat and his family.

When British subdued area up till Kallat, their further intrusions resulted into the War of Kallat. The Khan of Kallat’s troops resisted bravely. British realized that they cannot win in one to one battle hence resorted to same old clandestine tricks.

They found out secret route to the Court of Kallat through some of the courtiers. One day they quietly attacked the Court through this route. That turned the table and the Khan of Kallat got encircled by attackers. When Diwan Bachal Mall learnt of the danger to the life of the Khan, he along with his sons reached on the battle scene and started fighting.

The Khan of Kallat saw them fighting and ordered a soldier to call the Diwan.

“Diwan sahib, I am thankful that you have come to my help but I do not allow you and your sons to fight for me,” the Khan said when Diwan Bachal Mall come to him.

“Why,” asked the Diwan surprised.”

“You are a Hindu. All the Hinds in Kallat are under our protection. Our religion does not allow putting people under protection to war,” explained the Khan.

“We have great love for you, we are loyal to you, and at this critical juncture cannot leave you alone,” humbly argued the Diwan.”

“I trust your love and loyalty but cannot use them here,” the Khan of Kallat said matter of factly.

The Diwan took out his sword and said if religion is in between our associations and affiliations then my sons and I become Muslims.

The Diwan recited kalema, got his sons to recite kalema and all of them laid their life in war of Kallat.

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