Distance from which Black Magic is done does not make a difference

Black magic done from 2 meters away will have the same effect as black magic done from a distance of 2000 miles. The distance does not make an iota’s difference as far as the effects are concerned. They will be exactly the same. Strong magic done from a distance of many miles will have a great effect whereas magic done from a small distance will not have a great effect if it is not strong.

A lot of Muslims living in the Middle East and the West end up with black magic once they go back home, because jealous relatives wait for their prey. After doing black magic, these jealous relatives want to make sure that they can do it in future too, So what they then try and do is steal personal belongings. This is because even if the victim is in another continent, once these relatives have a piece of clothing or some other used item of the victim, they can do black magic, as the distance from which it is done does not make a difference.

18 thoughts on “Distance from which Black Magic is done does not make a difference”

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