Disparaging PML-Q

After spawning in the despotic era of Ayub Khan, and then flourishing in Zia-ul-Haq’s tyrant age, and then thriving in Musharraf’s reign, the lotas (who are mostly feudal from different parts of the country), would never have thought that such a time would come when they would be the furious and favorite target of Pakistanis.

Just before 27th December, one could clearly see the jubilant leer and hear the ecstatic mumble of Chaudhry Shujaat, as he was as sure as hell to win the elections by spending billions of rupees on rigging, manipulations and campaign. His kowtow son-like relative Chaudhry Pervez Elahi was already receiving the protocol of Prime Minister, and lotas were singing, dancing, wringing, and somersaulting in glee and salivating in advance for some more years of hoarding, looting, profiteering, and blackmailing.

When Asif Ali Zardari calls them “Qaatil League”, I really don’t resonate with this. Though nowadays it’s a fad to resonate whatever PPP says, but this particular tag isn’t easy to digest at least for me. At least not in the sense Zardari, the co-chairman terms it. They are surely the “Qaatils” of democracy, free media and free judiciary, and they have murdered the Pakistanis’ morale by continuously maintaining the uncertainty in the country for the past 9 years, and they are the assassins of Pakistan’s dignity locally and internationally, but the implication that they are involved in recent assassination of Benazir Bhutto just doesn’t click.

This tragic slaying of former Prime Minister and for-life chairperson of PPP has given the big hit to PML-Q. This terrorist act has provided people to vent their all types of angers against PML-Q. PML-Q is the materialized dream of President General (retd.) Pervez Musharraf. Like all the dreams of dictators, this dream has also turned into a nightmare. Pakistan is a laboratory, where anyone can experiment whatever he wants. The local government notion has proved to be disastrous, as almost all of the Nazims and Naib Nazims are smaller lotas, who act as a tool in the hands of bigger lotas for subjugation, land-grabbing, harassing opponents and amassing more wealth.

Ruinous aftermaths of Benazir killing of which PML-Q was at receiving end should be an eye opener for anyone wants to get up from slumber.

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