Dismal Sammi Daewoo

With the advent of motorway between Lahore and Islamabad, Pakistanis also got the gift of Daewoo bus service. It was a very fresh blow in the town. It made precedence in the transport industry in Pakistan. Its quality of service was unmatchable and unsurpassable. People felt proud to travel through it, many could be seen boasting about their travel in Daewoo. It became a symbol of pride and even status symbol. People became so engrossed in Daewoo bus service that even urban legends emerged about it. It also first time in Pakistan started female conductors, which itself was a very talked-about thing, you know.

It always remained on time. It set a new standard of even running the buses without filling the bus seat by site. They rendered a quality meal to the commuters. Though they charged horrendous fares even in their start, but their service was worth it. They used to listen to the customers, and they used to pay attention to the complaints. Their intolerant policy towards late departures and late arrivals earned them lots of respect and goodwill.

But it’s now only a beautiful dream. Like everything else, Daewoo service is no more a service. Since it has become Sammi Daewoo, it has become an expensive hell. It departs late, and it arrives late. It offers stale pieces of bread, in the name of refreshments and the crew of the bus is very arrogant and indecent. Fares have become unbelievably expensive, and they don’t provide their worth.

One also wonders why there are no competitors of Sammi Daewoo. Some say that Sammi Daewoo owned by a very influential person in the government, and he doesn’t let anybody else compete with him. I don’t have much information in that regard, but I would love to have your reactions and opinions about Sammi Daewoo.

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