Dismal Performance, Huge Rewards

The poor standing, working and management of the power brokers and other agencies regarding the production and distribution of the electricity and gas in the country do not rub off on the people who work in them. That and they are extremely miserably when it comes to service the people to whom they are supposed to be rendering their seamless, smooth, quality service.

Professionalism, quality, customer satisfaction, uninterrupted services and reasonable rates are somewhat joke to be talked about in Pakistan. Prices of energy like power, gas, water and other fuels has become a K-2, insurmountable by the mere mortals.

Despite its poor performance, the PEPCO officers have done well for themselves. If you start from the top then you have Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, who is the king of WAPDA and has illuminated his house in Islamabad while another officer, a very well known PPP activist from Jehlum has also done well.

There are rewards, bounties, favors for those who produce results for Zardari and for the other high ups, it seems, irrespective of the quality of the work done.

PPP is making tall claims with the end-result still being nil.

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