Diplomatic Idiots

Eleven people, including nine Pakistani soldiers and two tribesmen, were injured when two Nato warplanes blitzed Pakistan’s Angoor Adda town, a border village on the Pak-Afghan border in South Waziristan, on the night between Thursday and Friday, but our foxy like foreign minister from Multan, whose brother has recently been ignominiously defeated in the by-election have politely and meekly said that long-term, broad-based and stable relationship is what Pakistan and United States have between themselves.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmud Qureshi is sticking to the power rule as nobody, and his recent flopped stunt in the CNG scandal has exposed is dexterity in the matters and shows his skill and ability to comprehend things. One wonders as when he couldn’t do a simple calculation, how could in the hell he manages the foreign affairs of the country. No wonder, we are in such a mess, which is getting worst day by day.

FM Qureshi is now in Washington meeting furiously with the third rate US officials and he was utterly delighted when US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave him some time, and asked about his health and the prospects of the tour of our another Multani guru, Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, who is by chance also our Prime Minister.

Yousuf Gillani is making every effort possible to get a the most reddish of carpets when he lands in the Washington.

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