Dilapidated Education System

One of the innumerable decisions which every government of Pakistan take every week is to make the education system of the country modern and synchronized with the demands of current era. Its not wonder, even the caretaker government has also pledged to do exactly that.

Every year they change the syllabus, and every year some new experiments are tried on the young Pakistanis of future while revoking the previous ones. After every couple of years, students of matriculation are introduced to some new system. Sometimes they are told that there would be a combined paper of 9th and 10th, and sometimes it is separated without reason. There is no hard and fast rule for the marking in the papers, and there is no clear criteria defined by the education officials regarding the marking system.

Education has also grown very expensive and its not possible for most of Pakistanis to obtain it. The drop out ratio of students is very high due to the poverty. Students leave their education in the way to support their families, and they don’t have any chance or support from government in this regard.

Who doesn’t find any job anywhere, he becomes a teacher. Teaching is the most low-paid, reward-less and regardless job in Pakistan. Teachers don’t get their deserved status in the society, and there is no merit for the induction of the teachers in the schools and colleges. It is highly imperative that government should take measures to attract able people in this profession to create a solid backbone for the country.

Private sector is involved in the education sector, but it has only commercialized the education. Only the elite groups can enjoy their education. Government should regulate these private schools for quality and for equal opportunities for everyone. They should also give compensation and incentives to the private sector so that they can earn money while providing quality education to every one.

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