Did I hear democracy, freedom of expression?

We Pakistanis are realistic people. Therefore we have never screamed or propagated that we believe in democracy. In fact if anyone views any country a little deeper into its democratic setup he/she will know that none has it in its true spirit. Well, I believe no one can really enforce it anywhere in the world.

For instance let’s take example of United States of America and India that call them true democracies. US has never ever allowed its media to be free the way it is in Pakistan. And after all if every one has freedom of expression then what is the role of censorship in countries like US where one cannot find anything that is called “values or culture”. May be they only censor up things that go against their own governments and it is for this reason that it took US more then a decade to bring a black man in white house.

Similarly the democracy of India shock recently as some social workers were banned that criticized their government. We Pakistanis are far much stronger and democratic then any of them if it is about freedom of expression.

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