Dhiya Al Musawi: A Modern Muslim Intellectual

Sheikh Dhiya Al Musawi

Dhiya Al Musawi is probably the new hope for mankind. The pure wisdom of his philosophy and his open and liberal thoughts make him a unique scholar. Unfortunately, such wise people are hard to find in this world. Whether we are Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews or Hindus, if his views are adopted by the majority of mankind, this world can be changed into a much better place.

It’s hard to believe that a Muslim scholar can be so liberal. Please don’t call him an American agent, listen and ponder upon what he says.


2 thoughts on “Dhiya Al Musawi: A Modern Muslim Intellectual”

  1. This guy is awesome, the World (not Arabia but the entire world) need many of such individuals, who respect and honor others regardless of religion, faith or race. kudos Sheikh dhiya al-Musawi

  2. Just so others know this clip is also available on youtube


    It came out in 2006, and yes his viewpoint is refreshing if not too surprising for a Bahrani speaking for a UAE channel. As these two countries are already less conservative compared to others.

    No, the real kicker for me would have been if this was a Saudi speaking on Saudi TV 🙂


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