DHA Cinema

Although some may view the launching of the DHA Cinema as a blessing, DHA residents living near this vicinity are experiencing quite a lot of trouble. Inadequate parking facilities mean theres always a mad rush outside the cinema and neighboring houses. The last of the days shows starts at almost 10 pm, which means that theres a lot of noise at around 1 am, when the last of the cinema-goers make their exit.

Troubles aside however, I can’t help myself saying that the DHA has managed to come up with one great facility. The nearest movie theater in Lahore for DHA residents was nearly half an hour away, and not only is this one closer, its got much better facilities, including a better screen, better sound and better seats. So paying the extra premium for the ticket (Rs. 250 each, and theres a luxury one for Rs.500!), is somewhat worth it.

I recently visited the cinema to watch Khuda Kay Liye, and it was a very good experience, apart from the chaos at the food counter, which I cant blame the administration for entirely. There were a lot of people and just two tills, but I hope the administration realizes that they need a few more employees. Another till won’t either, for what I see, they shouldn’t be short of cash with the amount of people that are coming.

I’ve been to many cinemas in Mumbai and Delhi, the two times I’ve been in India, and the DHA Cinema is at par with all of them, if not better. I just hope they try and make life better for the residents of nearby houses.

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  1. hey really cool, i love going to the cinema it used to be soo depressing before, i used to visit in Dubai and the facilities were soo damn good it was embarrassing when my friends used to ask so what movie did you go to this week, coz when ever i visit i used to watch 3 movies a week at the cinema.. Thank god for cineplex NOW its in Karachi too beautiful compared to the horrible cinema that are located in saddar ( down town Karachi)


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