Very lucky are the nations whose new generation chooses the path of fame and recognition for themselves in early age through the creative writings in the field of poetry, fiction and literature.

Young, enlightened poet and journalist Rashid Khattak is one of the poets who attained recognition in the poetic circle by writing ‘Deway'(Torch) which was warmly received by the intelligentsia, poets and literary personalities of the NWFP. It is a beautiful compilation of Pashto sort poems and ghazals.

Rashid Khattak’s poetry is a mixture of classical and modern ghazals which reflects his keen observation and studies towards modern poetry. The writer seems to be impressed by the literary work of famous Pashto poet Saifur Rehman Salim and ghazal maestro Amir Hamza.

‘Deway’ inspires readers toward moderation and progress, and lays thrust on propagating non-violence and seeking knowledge. It makes him different from his contemporary writers. Rashid Khattak has been careful in his treatment of the theme and has never let his own beliefs to attract attention of the readers. Non-violence, Silly People, Sea View and Light are the key poems in the book that grabs attention of the reader at first glance.

In his poem Light, the writer said that knowledge is power and that through it people can differentiate between the good and evil. Likewise, in another poem Non-violence the writer argues with the reader to avoid use of violence and instead concentrate on promoting love and affection.

‘Deway’ is a valuable addition to Pashto literature because of its strong lyrics, writer’s imagination and appeal of non-violence. Poem Light is a masterpiece in the collection as it transforms the universal message of knowledge in reality.

The poem on the last page of the book depicts the personal pain inflicted on the poet by the devastating earthquake of October 2005,as his two nieces and a sister-in-law also fell prey to the natural catastrophe. He presented the tragedy in the shape of a moving poem. The book spread over 29 pages contains numerous sparkling poems.

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