Development Work in Clifton, Karachi

While the City District Government of Karachi (CDGK) pats itself on back and never takes a break in self-praising on ‘Development Work’ in Karachi, a picture is better than thousand words.

Following are some images taken at Bath Island, Clifton. The development work is under progress since last 5 months without any real sign of ‘development’ yet. This road is used by the Corps Commander for his daily commute during which nobody is allowed to cross the bridge by foot.

bath island clifton karachi - 1

bath island clifton karachi - 4

bath island clifton karachi - 5

bath island clifton karachi - 6

bath island clifton karachi - 2

bath island clifton karachi - 3

Development in Karachi – Rest In Peace

* Photo Credits: Author

4 thoughts on “Development Work in Clifton, Karachi”

  1. Mustafa kamal has done more than enough in the limited time give mqm another chance because his leader is having command on his miniters they follows altaf I realized. Pakistan Zindabaad.

  2. please let mustafa kamal works.
    he is one of the best in his lot.
    give him full fledge power then he shows you the results.

  3. As we are a developing country, so these images justify that. Same images could be seen in every city or town of Pakistan. Even, when it would get completed, after sometime it will start deteriorating, and will be built again, resulting in a fresh wave of commissions and rewards.


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