Deterrent Assassinations

The controversial political assassination of Benazir Bhutto has magnified the extremist elements and fanatical thoughts based on the assumptions that they have a legal right to kill anyone they perceive a threat to there version of Islam. And Islam has provided them all the necessary tools to remove such culprits by blowing themselves as well as several other innocent lives’s. This is implied as a deterrence strategy by them. Setting such miserable examples that others won’t dare to even think about attempting again.

An example of this deterrent strategy was Mrs. Zille Huma Usman assassination on similar grounds calling her ineligibility as a women representative in men’s society. It was then the same fanatics and criminal minded groups which infested women as minorities in there society.

But this time it was not a deterrent assassination rather was a politically up breaded attempt throwing the country again in the darker abase. According to deterrence theory when deterrence fails a second strike capability can only secure a country. The path to democracy for which Mushraff regime strive hard using some what not understandable maneuvers to a large extent, has finally evaporated into the thin air. This time only the second strike capability of this nation can safe it from its enemies. We have to determine that our unity is our strength. We must recognize it before (May Allah forbid) it can be too late.

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