Zahid Ali Khan was a wealthy man in Maleh Abad India. He loved his younger brother Ghalib Ali Khan. After death of their father, younger brother’s demand to divide property angered Zahid Ali Khan. “After our father, I took you as my son. I had decided to give you much more than your share but your claim has negated the worth of our bond. I will never give your share now. Do what ever you can,” conveyed Zahid to Ghalib.

On this Ghalib filed a law suit in civil court for his own share. It was straight case and court decreed in favour of Ghalib. “You have given decision but no body can get it implemented,” Zahid Ali Khan hinted the judge. The judge tried to make Zahid understand but to no avail. Zahid was therefore awarded three months in jail on contempt of court. Zahid Ali asked the judge to punish his servant as well so that he can accompany him and prepare Hubble Bubble for him there. The judge smilingly reasoned that no one can be sent to jail unless he commits any crime. That did not seem very difficult to Zahid Ali Khan. He ordered his servant Channu to openly squat in the courtroom. Channu did as he was told and he too was punished for three months in jail.

Ghalib got his share in the absence of his elder brother. On return from jail Zahid again got the property back and was sent to Jail again. This continued all his life.

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