Destruction of family life in the name of equality

The West has left no stone unturned in producing theories and principles that have been the very cause of the destruction of family life. To begin with, they said humanity cannot progress until women march shoulder to shoulder with men and until half of humanity is left useless there cannot be progress. First they call motherhood useless, and then they brainwash women out of their homes so that little kids can be left with babysitters and maids. While kids are left dying for motherly love women can go to the workplace to get sexually harassed and this is labeled women’s liberation and emancipation.

Women are so brainwashed with the idea of equality that even Muslim women, religious ones, will be seen talking about equality. According to brainwashed women, equality means that women should have the same field of activity as men, they should shoulder equal responsibilities in life and they should have identical positions in society. Maybe when they have their first child they can tell their husband to have the second.

Women are completely different from men. All research, whether in biology or psycology point to the fact that a woman is completely different. She is soft, tender and loving, and has been created as such to fulfill her motherly duties. A man is hard, rough and psychically tough and he has been created this way to fulfill his role as the bread earner.

A woman cannot work during pregnancy and she surely cannot work after it. Being up night after night to soothe her baby she loses a lot of sleep. How is she supposed to go to work in the morning? Even if she does, who will breast feed the baby? There are other problems too with women in the workforce. When a man gets hired instead of a woman with the same qualifications she files for sexual discrimination. Why would any boss hire a woman if he knows that she will soon get pregnant and take leave. Would it not be common sense on his part to hire a man instead? What is the poor guy (boss) supposed to do?

Putting men and women in the workplace together and children with maids is not being civilized. It is not even human. Take a look at family life in the West and take a look at those in Eastern countries who have adopted this method of life. Men go and meet beautiful women in the workplace while women meet handsome men. Women being economically independent has meant that they do not need their husband, and having no religious values has meant that the fear of sin is gone. Why would a woman want to stay with her husband all her life just for sexual satisfaction. Economic independence and the fearlessness of sin has meant that she can sleep with anyone she wants. If anyone interferes in her business, she will file for divorce. Men too, are not behind. From the secretary to the boss’ wife, no one is spared. When men and women get busy fornicating why will there be any family life?

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  1. Do women in Saudi Arabia do nothing? Are you calling motherhood nothing. Or do you support kids being left with babysitters and maids? Are you also denying all the fornication and breaking up of families due to the so women’s emancipation and liberation

  2. “Women being economically independent has meant that they do not need their husband”. So what do you advise? Don’t let women work outside their homes? If you think economically independent women don’t need their husbands and will divorce them, look around you. I know many women who have been working throughout their lives and are still married to their husbands, besides raising healthy children. And if you do some research, you’ll find that even in the West, pregnant women are given paid leave (often upto two years) to take care of their infants.

  3. Yusha this article disgusts me……so generalized and based on cliches that have been proven wrong. ”soft and tender”??? Okay and us men are rough and tough. Are these measurable variables???

    Women are 50% of the population and have proven themselves as vital to labour/skilled/unskilled/white collar/blue collar work.

    How in the hell do you come up with something so sexist??? Only somebody with the intellect and intelligence of taleban would have this mentality. I hope you arent one of them.

    Look at Saudi Arabia where women do nothing….despite their oil revenue –Saudi Arabia has no jobs and is under-developed. Take a lesson from this.

    i dont want you to sound like some un-educated mullah-type person. Wake up.

    God bless General (retd) Musharraf for his gender equality reforms –in and outside of government.

  4. cnn-ibn shows a tv video in which zaid hamid blasts indian agenda and rips their drama apart. The title of video is pakistan taunts indian army. Not even a single comment under that video negates what he says. They have just hurled abuses and insults and nothing logical to combat reason. Maybe con man would like to watch that and tell us how much hate mongering India needs to survive.

  5. Muslim women can work if their family structure allows but education is mandatory on both sexes. You dont have to worry since you guys have already done your best to ethnic cleanse your country with muslims. so far in vain. Your dreams of destabilising pakistan to conceal terrorism trumpeted by your hindu nationalists is a sorry tale that speaks columes of your filthy mind. Next time keep your freakin sacracsm out of ignorancy and bias to ur self and kind like you.

  6. that is extremely well said , i support the idea , “muslim” women should not become a part of the work force and since they will not be employed they should also not be given higher education as the same money and effort can be spend by the state on males insted of unproductive females.

    (from an atheist , hindu-nationalist , indian)


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