Despairing State and Hopes With Pakistan Long March

Just because of the unflinching support of long march, the thief of biggest time Asif Ali Zardari promulgated the governor raj in the biggest province of Pakistan. That and the most corrupt judge in history who even compromised for his ineligible daughter is being protected by the Pakistan People Party. One wonders as how much skins the Abdul Hameed Dogar, the scum of justice has grown.

Certain elements are creating a false impression that the people of Pakistan are against the long march. That is grossly untrue. Pakistanis are fedup. They want to get rid of this system of subjugation. They want change in the system and they want commitment from the leaders.

As lawyers, political workers, civil society members and activists prepared to set out for their ‘Long March’ to Islamabad, Section 144 was slapped into place in Sindh and Punjab and a massive crackdown initiated with raids on the homes of dozens of PML-N, JI workers and leaders. Many in Pakistan now believe that the success of this long march alone will take us closer to making Pakistan into the kind of state and society that the Quaid-e-Azam and his followers had dreamt of.

In the form of lawyers movement, the people of Pakistan have found new hope and new dreams and new passions and they have got now the hope and resolve that they could also get the badly needed justice and they could also enjoy the supremacy of the law and constitution.

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