Desideratum of survival and development of democracy

The changes that have clutched place in the international amphitheater during the previous few years put forward that democracy is the most favored system of government all around the world. With the commencement of new world order dictatorships are being condemned and freedom and liberalism are being given preference. One in order to survive in the comity of nation and avoid being isolated should encourage the flowering of true democracy.

Democracy or democratic form of government does not aim at having an election to nominate a certain political party to govern the country. But it rather has broader aspects that need to be addressed in its true form. It includes not what people want but the working of institutions in a proper manner to fulfill the needs of these demands. The strategies designed by government must not change with metamorphose of regime in a country but must be permanent so that the prospect of development is not affected by any external or internal changes in foreign and domestic decisions.

Pakistan’s experience with democracy has not been all that good since beginning. Regardless the fact that Pakistan was acquired in the name of Islam, which first was all put forward the idea of democracy in the most comprehensive and organized form, we failed to betake ourselves to the golden principles enunciated in the Holy Quran and the sayings of the prophet.

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