Deprived Women

Why the society wants to keep a woman deprived of many things when Quran has a chapter dedicated to a woman (Surah Maryam). Why do we want to keep the woman deprived like the pharos and the Romans when a woman of the West was also like our woman today. Just providing to man and his children and looking after herself later and her family first. The basic feature is that the man is so but on the other hand it is the mother who raises that man. Now should the man change his point of view towards a woman or is it the mother being a woman who should start raising a man in a way that the woman should not feel deprived. As long as the woman is a mother she everything in the world, but what change comes when she becomes a wife that both the mother and the man both go against her.

When we talk about America such an advanced country and still women over here stay a step back in front of a man. When the American government just woke up that a woman can be a president. So we live in a restricted 3rd world country no doubt like Pakistan women are in all the fields still they cannot overcome men in many areas. Yet many of the so called advanced countries women are suppose to just stand by a mans side; And is to be recognized by her man. No self identity as you observe the challenges of Hillary Clinton facing in America. So many women face abuse of these advanced society. And they all are working for it and yet they have not yet accomplished the task of an independent woman with her own identity.

Men when facing the a woman called mother is always standing by it but as soon as that woman becomes wife daughter or sister they decline the facts that each woman is a mother he would shell down in front of the mother but his acceptance to the rest of the relations remains fatal. Now is it the fault of the man or the fault of the raising hand called mother.

All over the world the violence of women in abundance. The cry for it and asking for help towards the violence. Even a country like Pakistan has the same factors but the voice of the woman is being shut either she herself selects to stay quite as for the social non acceptance of a woman raising her voice or she is by force kept to stay quite. The question is will the quietness ever end.

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