Dengue Crises Worsens ….

Emergency has been declared in hospitals as cases have risen to 5,500 with over 40 people dead. The fear has gripped Punjab with people lining up for tests at it’s mere suspicion. The majority of people affected are from Lahore, with a total of 4,000 cases and 26 deaths.

The failure to get admitted in hospitals is causing a lot of anxiety among patients. Even those in serious condition are finding it difficult to do so, as patients outnumber beds in hospitals.

Dengue CureThe following is taken from the booklet – Protect yourself and your family from dengue.

Symptoms of dengue may include fever, joint pain, rash, severe headache, pain behind the eyes and nausea. People with the more severe form of the disease i.e. dengue hemorrhagic fever may experience breathing problems, bruising, bleeding from the nose or gums, and circulatory system breakdown.

According to Khalid Mahmood Randhawa, District Officer (Health) Rawalpindi:

“Dengue is both preventable and manageable. The risk of complications is in less than 1% of dengue cases and, if warning signals are known to the public, all deaths from dengue can be avoided.”

According to medical experts, measures to protect from the spread of dengue are as follows:

– Wear protective clothing especially long-sleeved clothing and socks.
– Use insect repellent and coils.
– Employ mosquito netting around sleep and lounging areas.
– Avoid going out at night and just before .
– Coolers, flower pots, cans, eats should be emptied or covered all the time and cleaned on regular basis.

Most people believe that there is no treatment or vaccine to recover from acute form of dengue, but early detection and prompt treatment can substantially lower the risk of developing the syndrome into a severe killer virus. Experts have suggested the following measures to control this infection:

– Infected persons should take rest and drink plenty of fluids.
– Keep up oral intake, especially of oral fluids and/or oral re hydration salts to prevent dehydration.
– Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids should be avoided.
– In cases where patients are unable to take fluids, Intravenous fluid supplementation (IV drip) is given.
– A blood transfusion may be recommended for patients with severe dehydration.
– It is important that patient should be treated by medical professionals, so that the patient can b properly monitored and cured.
– One spoon honey mixed in lukewarm water thrice a day was prescribed as precautionary measure for dengue virus by Hakeem Qazi MA Khalid, Secretary General Council of Herbal Physicians Pakistan.

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  1. Dengue is becoming uncontrollable, putting people’s lives at stake. Mr. Cheap Minister what you and your team is doing to control this disaster. I know Once again, you won’t tolerate it, you’ll take notice, then you will take ‘strict action against it’ by blaming XYZ. Meanwhile lives will continue to be endangered and you will obviously be happy with doing your two cents worth of work as usual before you take a vacation abroad with XYZ. How about making these said officials do something to help prevent the disease? Like draining out stagnant water bodies for instance, then I will believe that you are here for some reason. Khadm-e-Aala, infact it is not Dengue , it is you who is responsible for the deaths of innocent people. You are the killer of these people.


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