Democratic Pakistan

The way India has transformed itself in a true democratic setup must be mentioned and accepted as quite appraisable. Similarly, Indian parliament’s recent stance regarding the transfer of civilian nuclear technology was very impressive.

The deal could benefit and make India independent is several sectors. First, the deal was to benefit India for a paradigm shift in foreign policy by allowing deeper engagement with USA. Second, the deal was providing India with a work around to deal with the non proliferation regime and advance its interests in international system. Despite receiving supreme advantages in commercial, technical energy supply, receiving imported fuel for its nuclear reactors Indian parliament disbanding the deal because of the fact that there is no free lunch was astonishing. This stance proved to the world that India will not compromise over its sovereignty even in the era of interdependence.

When this deal was being signed the other side of the border, was striving to receive a similar deal from Washington. Pakistan stated that this quite apparent favoritism of US towards India could increase the nuclear rivalry between the intensely competitive nations and potentially raise tensions in already dangerous region because it feared that this would weaken their deterrence. But the allegation regarding AQ Khan nuclear network proved to be the hurdle of the way.

No doubt American foreign policy makers have always relied on Pakistan because of its strategic significance, but Pakistan has not learned to say NO. In order to be respected around the world, states have respected the laws and have recognized the importance of democratic intuitions within there countries. Pakistani ruling elites must also embraces all political institutions and there importance. Only then it can become a true democratic state with all its dignity and respect.

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