Democracy Starts, PML-Q Reels

The Pakistanis have given their verdict. They have revealed their will. They have taken their revenge through their votes. These elections have proved a referendum against the thugs of PML-Q. These elections have been the litmus test for the forces of light and between the forces of darkness.

Though Chaudharies of Gujrat have accepted their defeat, but Chaudhry Gujrat, who has been defeated in Gujrat by Ahmad Mukhtar of PPP, has already started his efforts to try and create rifts between PML-N and PPP. He knows that PPP isn’t very much clear about the reinstatement of judges, and Nawaz Sharif has over-committed the cause of judiciary, so he is challenging Nawaz Sharif.

Nation wants its judiciary back, and that is what Nawaz Sharif is saying that is what should happen, and there is no doubt it. We are certainly through with the lotas and their supervisors.

1 thought on “Democracy Starts, PML-Q Reels”

  1. Let me tell you that Nawaz has no choice but to take the PML-Q thugs back into his party, otherwise he loses the clout he needs to remove Musharraf. The two PML parties (N & Q) were originally one party (PML), so actually they have the majority, not the PPP.


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