Delayed Elections and its Queries

The elections were delayed, why for one good reason yes people were emotionally attached to the whole scene no doubt they were getting close to Benazir the reason that PPP was winning but the rest of the party members taking advantage of that emotional factor and winning without even proving themselves to just on the account of Benazir Bhutto and her assassination was wrong. So in a way yes it was good that they were postponed.

The other advantage that the government people are now having of the delay is the same psychologically taking the peoples mind away from the PPP members. Like the speech of Ch. Shujaat against Nawaz Sharif. He has objections on him that Mr. Nawaz Sharif went back and said sorry to Mohtarma now every person is liable to make a mistake and one if realizing the mistake should say sorry or should keep on saying on I am right it was a good gesture that if Mr. Nawaz thought they were wrong they went back said sorry and wanted to reunite and work on things. But the way Mr. Ch. Shujaat has stated is like he has done something really wrong. if Benazir was still alive and had won the elections which was very clear after so many processions and her efforts would Ch. Shujaat Sahab would have said the same to Benazir after her winning and seating as a PM. Or does Chaudhary sahab thinks saying sorry is something wrong they thought they made a mistake and Mr. Nawaz said sorry about what is wrong about that Chaudhary Sahab.

When their own government has yet done nothing against the extremists instead lots of innocent people getting killed everyday in all the cities. Hope he is sorry about that. Or are they heartless people that they do not care for the lives of the poor innocent illiterate people specially who have no morals or developed social ethics.

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