Defense Minister Should Learn Trade

Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar, during his visit to the IDEAS 2008, informed the media that the country had the capability of shooting down unmanned surveillance planes from air but lacked the capability from the ground. He said the government had been trying to acquire ground-to-air capability against drones from a friendly nation. However, the federal minister did not specify the friendly nation.

But the Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mehmud Ahmad has said the Pakistan Air Force is fully capable of stopping missile attacks by Predators violating the country’s airspace from anywhere. There was a total disconnect between the air chief and the defense minister and while air chief knew what he was saying and doing, defense minister was as gaffe as ever.

Pakistan is facing serious threats and instead of relying on others we should cope with all challenges as a living nation. Promotion of national integrity and harmony is the need of the hour, as unity and cohesion is the key to a prosperous future. But having such ministers who can’t differentiate anything and are ill informed and disinterested, is not going to get us anywhere.

Elimination of poverty and deprivation, setting up of roads network, promotion of agriculture sector, construction of water reservoirs, promotion of merit and maintenance of law and order is essential for the future of the country, but along with that defense is also paramount.

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