Decisions count a lot in life.  

Right decision taken at a right moment may prevent u from crying for the rest of your life.  

Life gives us a right to decide for ourselves.  

We need to be strong enough to take stand to live our life in true meanings.  

Sometimes we do take a stand for something, we fight, we defend and we often win.  

We haven’t been into the real thing yet. The real thing is known after we put ourselves into the situation itself.  

World isn’t  always as beautiful as it seems from outside.  

If we have fought the world for something that facing reality we feel was  wrong, we should be strong enough to confess, to accept that we have been defending the wrong choice.  

Carrying a mistake endoubles it. It is more painful to carry the grudges of a wrong decision and stick to it out of ego and stubbornness.  

In life , decisions can, have to be and sometimes should be revised. I feel there’s no harm in realizing that you were wrong at a point, instead of carrying it through out your life. Get rid of the pain right at the moment.    

1 thought on “Decissions”

  1. decision making is a part of our lives. from the common day to day issues to full life bending issues, decisions are inescable.

    the only thing we can hoe for is not to end up screwing our lives, owing to a rather simple misunderstanding. which, i must add, would also be an involuntary decision that we make because we think a certain way.


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