Deciding the fate of Pakistan

pakistan asif zardari note
Pakistan People’s Party is also recognized as Bhutto’s party in Pakistan. This party is favored by people on personality basis rather than having any political institutional identity. This background sketches a picture that Pakistan’s democratic institutions lack proper democratic foundations. Therefore a chairperson of a party brings up many diverse and deeper implications with consequences in the party’s voting bank.

Similarly Benazir Bhutto had a number of personal political divisions such as; it was her feminism, and her political upbringing and her commitment to work closely with US in war on terror that were part of these personal political divisions. All these factors worked together as catalyst to work in favor and against her at the same time.

After her tragic assassination sever unrest and social disorder demarcated new peaks. In this atmosphere of uncertainty the representatives of PPP sorted out there future strategy after serious collaboration. They have decided to go with the upcoming elections and continue to fight, the battle for democracy for which Bhutto’s family has given more than enough of its blood. On the other side the so called neutral Care taker government and the election commission are highlighting the inadequate facilities for holding general elections scheduled for the 8th of January.

What so ever is decided by the government, the government must calculate all the upcoming risks and options with regards to its decision. This decision will decide the fate of Pakistan.

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