Death of Bob Wolmer and the lesson for team

Bob Wolmer died yesterday (May his soul rest in peace).

Was this coach of Pakistani team so depressed/ ashamed of the team’s performance?

(Where does the sportsman spirit go?) If he really was ashamed of this team then there he left a lesson for the team. He was the coach and the players should follow him.

Don’t come back to Pakistan. SUICIDE!

Heck, the team did not even try. We hate you!!!

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  1. Ms. Suchitra Das,

    I am not a Pakistani. I regret at the death of Mr. Bob Wolmer. And like all other people in the world i also wish that the culprit should be caught. But I wonder how you could make such a comment about the whole citizen of a country. How could you judge a whole country by judging only one or two person? The blame you are putting on a player in Pakistan, i wonder whether you can prove it? Without any proof you should not blame a person, a team and not a country. I am sorry to say this is only the proof of your mean mentality against any nation or any religion. I hope you will change your attitude and try to think in a broader sense.

  2. I think he was murdered by any of the pakistani player specially by someone who didnot like him and after all u can’t believe any of the pakistanis . They r more or less same…. aggressive!!!!!
    They r just like this only….

  3. what happened was past v have to think for a better future also we have to take a strong policy not like defencive like this time our players were alone and asked for many unrelated quistions for what actually that was the reposibility of the same country where that incident happened also if u r going to arrange a BIG event then you have 2 see the all aspects for secerity too.

  4. I had the opportunity to see the Pakistani team play in South Africa prior to the World Cup. What I saw was an undisciplined team that appeared to have no fighting spirit. They were ill prepared for a World Cup challenge.
    However, Bob Woolmer chose to go with the team on hand…..a team that only showed spirit and their true ability too late….after their coach was murdered (as the authorities are claiming).
    The team has no one to blame for their performance but themselves. They have embarrassed their country and let down their coach…apparently resulting in his untimely death under suspicious circumstances. Their actions have tarnished Pakistan’s cricket reputation, but despite all that, they now need the country’s (and fan’s) support in dealing with their losses both on the team and in the field, if Pakistan’s cricket program is to survive.

    Coincidentally, I had the opportunity to meet with the Bangladeshi cricket team in an airport lounge on their way home from a disastrous tour in Zimbabwe. In contrast, they were upbeat despite their defeats. Their positive spirit has carried over to the World Cup where they are poised to prevail, and eliminate powerhouse India in their grouping.

    A positive attitude on the field is a major advantage!!

  5. Other then Cricket , a general rule.

    Win-loose is part of game.
    But ignorance to failure reasons is crime.

    [I am not saying it, about Bob Wolmer or cricket team, may be he is best player of world ]

  6. bob wolmer was murdered sky news come on 4:50 am 23-04-07
    he was murdered
    who killed him duad ibrahim ?????
    underworld ????
    give your views


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