Death and Destruction

JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman, and other religious political leaders instead of condemning suicide attacks as un-Islamic, calls for a halt in the military operation in FATA. Would Fazlur Rehman and other like-minded politicians who oppose the military operation by calling it a US war like to live for a week in these troubled areas?

The war has gone beyond the FATA, Swat and Kohat areas and the recent horrendous suicide attack in the Marriott Hotel, Islamabad, and the recent shootout in Karachi are just few of the many examples that this war is being fought in every city of Pakistan, and we need to wake up pretty much quickly before it gets too late.

This requires the cooperation of the general public, the ordinary people who see and may suspect that criminal or terrorist activity is afoot in their locale. The trust deficit between the police and the public is going to have to improve, if we want to defeat these terrorists. We all should play our part to save us from death and destruction aimed at us by our enemies within us and out of our borders.

The war has eaten the Pakistani society and the invisible enemy has struck severe blows on the national psyche. Pakistan’s economy that is spiraling down. We should first consider our own loss and then decide whether the Americans’ interests and those of ours coincide or not.

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