Deal of Kursi

According to reports, the much touted deal between General Musharraf and self-exiled PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto is expected to get finalized during the next couple of days. Not surprisingly, the ruling party Muslim League Q and its Prime Minister have no role whatsoever in this process, which is entirely the establishment’s game, with the backing and inspiration and wishes of our foreign masters.

Benazir is of the belief in putting her money where her mouth is or is it the other way round. She is just getting mad about the Kursi, and she is ready to anything for it. She is now an ardent and vociferous advocate of her deal with Musharraf, equating it in one chat show, to the Simla Accord and in the other to the Oslo Agreement.

And she is also very much vocal of the old and new media for their “mismanagement” of the issue. She envisions herself the ultimate torchbearer of the democracy whereas media reports that Pakistanis consider her the ultimate spineless creature right out of greedy hell. The distrust, she feels is all in the mind, or rather in the populace.

It is unfortunate that the emerging Musharraf-Benazir alliance seeks to frustrate the process of transition to democracy and restoration of the rule of the law. If the alliance between Musharraf ann Benazir materializes, this would be a total denial of free and fair elections to the people of Pakistan. No free and fair elections are possible with current regime in power and in deal with Benazir.

It is a sad commentary on the state of the government in Pakistan that the central issue in the ongoing political deal revolves round withdrawal of cases involving corruption, embezzlement, plundering public money, money laundering, and misuse of power. General Musharraf called Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto a thief in his book and charged her with corruption and embezzlement of public fund umpteen times. How unethical of him it would be to withdraw those cases and share power with the same thief now?

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