Deal in Abu Dhabi, Bleep in Pakistan

Workers and leaders of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) are utterly confused and shocked and embarrassed over what their leader is doing. Now for quite some months, all the PPPP leadership is busily trying to deny any sort of deal between the present regime and PPPP. They have said it at every forum including the All Parties Conference in London they its impossible to sit with President Musharraf, and they wounding be an ally of this government in any case.

But then we hear on private channels that there is a one-to-one meeting between Musharraf and Benazir in Abu Dhabi, and a deal has been struck. Its also noted that the rumors were ripe in the recent months, but except Benazir everyone denied it.

Pakistanis are bewildered and angry as how could they be treated as a commodity. Why Benazir is so cruel, hungry, and hypocrite. After plundering the national assets along with her hubby Asif Zardari, she is now trying to do everything just to get her infamous “Kursi.”

For some 30 hours now, private channels are clamoring that a deal has been finalized in Abu Dhabi, and there were two rounds of talks and they are giving even the duration of the meeting, but the local leadership is as oblivious as we are. Funny thing is that even the government is denying any meeting between the two.

“Janay na janay, gul he na janay hai, jug tu sara janay hai.” What a spineless politician Benazir is. She has taken so many u-turns it is hard to believe on anything she says. She has always tried to please her masters in US and UK in order to acquire government.

President Musharraf should do a favour to this country by saving Pakistan from Benazir. There are so many other options available in the country. I would even say that Shaukat Aziz is far much better than Benazir Bhutto, at least he has got much better morals than Benazir.

Mr. President, please we request you to not bring the curse of Benazir in Pakistan. With Benazir Pakistan would also have to endure Asif Zardari. We know that our vote hasn’t has any value, and we can only bleep.

4 thoughts on “Deal in Abu Dhabi, Bleep in Pakistan”

  1. No new faces are casted as such. Hero will be the same old guy we are seeing since last 7+ years. Who will bang through the door and shout “Maan! main pass ho gaya”

  2. Benazir wants the Kursi and Musharraf wants to prolong his occupation. So, is it a deal or no deal? Only time will tell. Incidentally, it will be political suicide for both.


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