Deadly Secrets of the Restaurant Trade

No doubt we all love to dine out and enjoy our meals in our favorite restaurants. But have we ever considered the food we are eating is why so yummy and mouth watering and the same dish if we try to make at home it never taste same!?! The hidden truth behind this is the ingredients that make the food in a restaurant so good, but unfortunately bad for us!!

How do restaurants make their food taste so good? Here is the unhealthy truth i.e. “unhealthy additives”.

1. Butter:
In the soup, in the sauce, on the meat, on the vegetables, butter is the easiest, quickest way to make things taste rich and wonderful.

2. Oil:
Another way to make foods taste richer is to use lots of oil (remember, oil is a fat). This is why fried foods taste good: They are sponges for the oil they are cooked in.

3. Animal fat:
Want to make anything taste better? Add bacon or other forms of chicken or mutton fat to vegetables, soups, and mashed potatoes.

4. Salt:
Cook at home, you shake a little salt in while you go. At a restaurant, you pour it in to extract maximum flavor.

5. Sweeteners:
Ever have vegetables that tasted sweeter than a dessert? That’s because the cook added lots of sugar.

A Blooming Health Bomb
With all this talk of unhealthy additives, do we even have to tell you to skip the blooming pastas, cheese pizzas, double decker burgers, and fried mozzarella sticks that begin many chain restaurant menus??

Bottom line: Skip the fried appetizers and order a salad or a fat-free broth-based soup instead.

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