Dead Morgues

Where the basic facilities are in extreme dilapidated conditions in Pakistan for the living things, for the dead they are in ultra dismal plight. Take graveyards or take morgues, they have themselves passed their age and there is simply no look after for them.

There are very few morgues present in the country, and they are only in the big cities. For small towns and villages, you don’t have that facility. And in the big cities, there are only one morgue for each city, and that’s it. For example, in the Lahore city, there is only one morgue and in Rawalpindi there also is only one.

The mortuaries in the Pakistani cities are in shambles and there is no hope for them in regard of improvement. Autopsies are rare, and the equipment for them are also in shamles and many tools are missing. In most of the morgues, there are no ferry trollies for the dead bodies, and the staff or the relatives of the deceased carry it by hand.

But then in this country where nobody bothers to improve things for the living ones, what’s use is to ask for anything for the dead.

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