Daylight Saving Time – what energy saving?

There are times when I wonder if those who run the country know what they are talking about. Consider the reason given by the government that last year the country saved two hundred and fifty megawatts per day during the months when daylight saving time was enforced.

To our ministers and bureaucrats (who know nothing about the subject) this might seem very impressive. But when you consider that electricity consumption is measured in kilowatt hours or megawatt hours (the standard units throughout the world), the term “two hundred and fifty megawatts per day” is meaningless. If, however, the government meant that two hundred and fifty megawatt hours were saved every day, the quantity is insignificant compared to the country’s total electricity
consumption of two hundred thousand megawatt hours per day. Besides, how does the government know that the energy saved was due to daylight saving time and not because of the daily load shedding?

I have a strong suspicion that this whole Daylight Saving Time scheme is a ploy to help government servants. It is well known that our bureaucrats and their assistants always arrive late for work and leave a couple of hours before closing time. Now, with the help of DST, they can leave their offices just after one o’clock, go to their retreats outside Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi to enjoy themselves for at least five hours or so, and then return home before sunset, telling their wives that they were working all the time in their offices or were delayed by meetings.

5 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time – what energy saving?”

  1. Am I correct in assuming that the government has done another about turn and now the DST is going to be implemented from May 1st?

    But here is a question for all – Why is it that in Pakistan when the DST is implemented, offices and businesses along with others change their operation/office times too. i.e. when DST is implemented like in 2009, offices changed their times from 9am to 8am!! Isn’t that defeating the objective?

    Why dont we just do it like everywhere else in the world…where we just lose an hour in spring and gain an hour in autumn…

  2. Like a little kid who doesn’t want to go to bed, I’ve lived 27-hour days for about the last 40 years, so my clock is always off. DST doesn’t mean much to me. Neither do politicians’ plans, ekshually.

  3. Hahahah. So the reason ordinary salaried employees don’t get to go home to their wives an hour early is to stop the 1% government servants from cheating on theirs? That’s beautiful logic.


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