Darra Cleared, But is it Permanent ?

Security forces have completed their operation in the tribal area of Darra Adam Khel while hill tops near Kohat Tunnel and Indus Highway have been vacated from militants. Security forces have also convened some jirgas to sustain the success in the semi-valley and they are trying to keep the militants out.

After 12 day long operation, the security forces not only have managed to wipe the area of out of the militants they have also arrested many foreigners. Such operation, though on a much smaller scale was also carried out some months ago, but as soon as security forces were off the scene, things again turned ugly, so security forces need to remain in the area to sustain the peace and to keep the area serene.

The local population who is returning to their homes is also very much in pain and adamant to not let any Talib once again storm their house and to make them captive and hostage, and that is the spirit that should be prevailed in all the agencies and in the Swat, so that to ensure the defeat of Taliban forever.

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