Danish newspaper apologises for cartoons – Who is getting what?

The Danish newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has apologised for offending Muslims around the world. In a letter sent to Jordan’s Petra newswire, Carsten Juste, editor-in-chief of Jyllands-Posten, said the newspaper was sorry the cartoons caused such ‘indignation and irritation’ among many Muslims but refused to apologize for publishing them in the first place. He said such an apology would grant Middle Eastern ‘dictatorships’ the power to control freedom of expression. OIC on the other hand has decided to raise the issue with the United Nations. The Blasphemous act of the newspaper caused anger and resentments in the Muslim world and resulted in violent protests and claimed loss of life and property in the Muslim world but there are many who are trying to cash in on this sensitive issue.

Who is getting what?

UN: Once again has emerged as a mouthpiece of West with no powers to act

Europe: United on an unjust behaviour against the Islamic World

Israel: Using the issue to get political and military support from EU over its row over Iran and steadily persuing its agenda against muslim by using christian governments. Probably, they are intentionally trying for Armageddon which could give them Rule over the World

U.S: Condemned the newspaper which published the cartoons but many believe US was behind the whole conspiracy. Europe which was divided over supporting US in Iraq war now stands as an ally to US against Muslims.

UK: Adopts US policies without second thought when it comes to dealing with Muslims

Pakistan: Musharraf who was being asked to shed his uniform in 2007, got a case to present to EU, he needs uniform to control the religious parties. Religious parties needs mass support in next year’s election. Political parties are also doing the same. People already grieved over the Blasphemy and their government’s inaction, now suffering loss of property through the hidden hands.

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