“Da Vinci Code” on big screens

Was Jesus just a mortal prophet? Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene married? Was the divinity of Jesus voted on at the Council of Nicaea? Are the books in the Bible the right ones? While these questions may seem ludicrous to you, thousands will be asking them after May 19 when The Da Vinci Code comes to theaters, intriguing the minds of non-Christians and Christians alike. O’ yes! The Da Vinci Code is coming to the big screen, with Oscar-winning director Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man) behind the camera and two-time Oscar winner and box office favorite Tom Hanks in front of the lens as Robert Langdon, at the center of the story’s narrative. The $125 million Sony Pictures production, also starring Audrey Tautou (Sophie Neveu), Ian McKellen (Sir Leigh Teabing), Paul Bettany (Silas) and Alfred Molina (Bishop Aringarosa), was granted the rare privilege of filming in the Louvre—where the story begins—and is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer.

Sony plans to release the movie on screens throughout the United States and abroad.

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