Cyber Security

Security remains an after-thought even in today’s cyber age, where the most hubub is generated about cyber threats, cyber warfare, cyber crimes, cyber theft, cyber infringements and other cyber security blah blah.

Whenever we access the internet, we leave our foot marks all over the place. Nothing is secure on the internet. Whether we open up an email, whether we download a software, whether we upload something or whether we update our antivirus.

Myriad kinds of malware, spyware, spybots, suspicisous toolbars, cool web search scams, spams and other cyber goodies awaits us greedily with dropped jaws and nefarious designs.

What mere mortals like could do? We could atleast adopt some simple habits. My habits include, paradoxically to keep my antivirus update, to not download any software from unreliable source, to not to go to porn site, to not open email attachments without vetting the source or scanning them with antivirus and to not accept any thing from any unknown party.

So what do yo do to keep yourself protected?

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