Customer Service in Pakistan

Name a single Pakistani company whose customer service is great, in your eyes. Yes think, try as hard as you can to recall. I would be amazed like hell, if you even name one outfit having a great customer service.

According to “Jaisa dais waisa bhais”, even the multinationals in Pakistan treat their customers no more than dying flies. Take the telecommunication companies like Mobilink, take food outfits like McDonalds, take car manufacturers like Suzuki, take electronic applainces companies like Hitachi, take the personal computer manufacturer and the list goes on.

In the west, the success of any product seriously depends upon the integral customer support. There they realize that the best marketing agent of any product is a happy customer. If their product enables any customer to “kick ass”, that customer is surely bound to spread the word around and will become an evangelist of that product.

But when it comes to countries like Pakistan, customer service becomes “rara avis”. There is no bird like customer service in the homeland. More often than not, even if you are a potential customer, you are not treated like a source of bread and butter, instead they post that they are doing a favour to you (you, the inhabitant of 3rd world) by bestowing their product upon you in lieu of a hefty sum. And don’t kid yourself, if you are expecting even a semblance of customer support after purchase. If you are foolish enough and myopic enough to ask for it, you are doomed to rot in frustration, agony and excruciation.

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