Curtailed Presidential Powers through 18th Constitution Amendment Bill

18th constitution amendment bill has unveiled some major points. It is the first step that this present government of PPP has taken to decrease the powers of the president. Three of the salient features of this bill, regarding presidency are: Article 58-2(B), which gives the president powers to dismiss an elected government and dissolve the national assembly, will be abolished.

The second feature is that: The president’s authority to appoint provincial governors and the services chiefs will be transferred to the prime minister.
Third feature is: There will be a bar on the person running for the office of president for more than two terms.

These are indeed grand steps because the president should not be given as much right as to dissolve people’s elected government. Pakistan is a democratic country and Pakistanis want their elected governments to rule and complete their tenure.
This bill will certainly curtail the powers of the president. Mr. Musharraf has destroyed Pakistan in the last eight years (1999-2008). Pakistan was never into such crisis as it is facing now. Thanks to the policies of the President. Mr. Musharraf removed our Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry unconstitutionally. He assassinated his own people in Lal Masjid. Pakistan is facing flour, power and judicial crisis and the credit goes to Mr. Musharraf. People really detest him. They don’t want him to be their president.

Now even Mr. Zardari has said that we want Mr. Musharraf to walk away rather than impeach him away.

So we, Pakistanis, are beseeching you to go away Mr. Musharraf, Please abnegate from your position. You don’t deserve to be our president.

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