Curse Me

In Balochistan five women were buried alive on the allegation for having illicit relationship with other sex. While the entire nation was stunned and bowed down their heads with shame, an arrogant senator from the same area dauntlessly supported the heinous crime contemplating it as a lawful centuries old traditional act. The honorable senator must be immune of the fact that the same practice existed before the advent of Islam in the Arab tribes. In Islam such crime is punishable by stoning to death both the culprits after two eye witness solemnly pledge having seen the act; simultaneously giving the accused full opportunity to defend themselves.

Some people brought a woman before Jesus Christ on the allegation for having committed adultery and demanded her death by stoning. Jesus agreed under the condition that the first stone must be thrown by a person who has not committed the same crime in his/her life. The mob left with out throwing a stone upon the accused. The honorable senator from Balochistan might have asked a similar question from the killers before triggering of first bullet and have given the accused full opportunity to defend themselves in the presence of two eye witnesses as contemplated in Islamic laws. More over, the male culprits in the act might have also been given the same burial in order to formalize the justice.

2 thoughts on “Curse Me”

  1. Policemen in Islamic countries can extract a confession from anyone they want, which is why a confession obtained under duress or torture is not regarded as proof of guilt in Western countries. The problem, however, is that most Pakistani males think that if a woman looks out of the window of her house, or if her husband sees her looking at some men, or if part of her head is uncovered, she is morally corrupt and should be killed. The Pakistani male will have to be properly educated. And the best way this can be done is for the government to spend more on education.

  2. For a woman 4 eye witnesses are required, which is impossible. No one has sex in such a way that 4 people can see them. The idea in Islam is that unless a person confesses herself she cannot be stoned to death. Two witnesses are required for a man. A woman, even if she confesses, cannot be stoned to death unless she is married. An unmarried woman has to be lashed 50 times, but again, only if she herself confesses. The story about Prophet Isa (a.s.) is very interesting. I think I have heard about it before. I don’t know whether it is true or not. Even if it is not true, the fact is that the people who love to stone women to death are adulterers themselves. At the same time, no matter what, a human being cannot be burnt to death. No where does it say that a person can be burnt. We are not even allowed to burn insects so how can a human being be burnt alive. This is really horrible.


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