Crisis Ridden Pakistan

The basic law of the land is treated as waste paper and dismantled periodically under notorious doctrine of necessity. The simmering chain of crisis has been irretrievably exacerbated by the dogmatic refusal of the regime to concede the existence of any problem facing the nation. The rulers have no idea whatsoever of the obvious difference between democracy and a democratic process.

Let me repeat the oft-quoted remark by Winston Churchill here once again, “Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” The crisis confronting Pakistan is multi-dimensional. The factors leading to the current bleak state of affairs are moral, intellectual, and political, constitutional, economic, social and cultural in nature. Morality has lost meaning, with the ministers of this regime brazenly claiming that there is no morality in the constitution of this country. Selective morality is the norm, not an exception in the land of the pure.

Only an insane or a lunatic person will call this regime a democratic one. They don’t realize that the much touted press freedom sans democracy is a gross misnomer in terms. Millions of dollars have been siphoned off on witch-hunt and character assassination of the media personal without proving a case. The way media was treated on 29th September just couple of days ago is the proof of the independence media enjoys in the country. The way police beaten journalist was like cattle were beaten. Is there no code of conduct for the police? Is there no one in the country to beat police in the way the beat others?

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has ordered government to suspend the high-ups of Islamabad police and have asked to register a case against them. He has also ordered a full treatment of media personal, and have also shown his anger at the lost of medical records of the injured journalists from polyclinic hospital, Islamabad. Chief Justice has also ordered private channels to present the footage of police terrorism on 29th September. CJP should call those policemen who were involved in torture, and himself do the baton charging upon them, or let the Ali Ahmed Kurd do it. He would do it with relish.

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