Cricket and Religion don’t mix

I really don’t know why born-again Muslims (those who have recently joined the Tableeeghi Jamat) are so keen on converting other people to their version of Islam.

I once had to interview an accountant who desperately needed a job in the locality where my office is situated. The minute he walked in, I knew he had recently re-discovered Islam. The first thing I told him was that while I had no objection to him belonging to the Tableeghi Jamat, I would expect him not to convince others to go with him for long periods lasting from three days to a year asking people to join their organization. He assured me he wouldn’t do it. Fifteen minutes later, as he rose to go, he asked me to go with him for three days to a nearby town to convert people to the true faith, as he called it. Of course, he didn’t get the job.

These people are more interested in preaching than in doing what their job requires. Which is why our cricket team fared so badly during the test series which ended today. They lost the series 3-0, although at one point it seemed that they would win the Sydney match hands down. No wonder, there have been reports that the captain (ex-Christian Mohammed Yousuf) tried to persuad the captain of the New Zealand team and other players to convert to Islam. Before he became a Muslim, some other players (like former captain Inzamamul Haq) had also joined the Tableeghis.

These players should be told to concentrate on cricket, not on preaching. They’re being paid to play good cricket, not to convert others to their version of Islam. And if any player thinks otherwise and tries to preach when the team is playing in a foreign country, he should be sent home immediately.

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  1. I don’t think Pakistan would fare any better even if they did not preach or worry about Islam. Pakistan and India could not beat Ireland and Bangladesh in the World Cup. India still relies on Sachin Tendulkar after all these years while the retirement of Saeed Anwar left Pakistan in tatters. Here we have two cricket crazy nations who can’t produce a good team, especially India, that is a land of over one billion people. Australia plays much better cricket while cricket is not even a craze in Austalia.

  2. Yusha: no one is blaming their religious lifestyle for their poor performance. As far as I’m concerned they can pray eight times a day (yes, there are at least eight times Muslims are supposed to pray, contrary to the popular belief that it’s five times-although the other three prayers are not compulsory). It’s just that the captain (and other tableeghis) spend most of their time worrying about Islam and trying to convert Christians/Hindus/Jews/Buddhists into Muslims.

  3. I have no issues with people partying or joining tableegh. I also admit that Australia is a better team than Pakistan; Australia is a better team than all cricketing nations. My point is that if a team can lose with a non-religious lifestyle why blame them for losing when they have decided to take religion seriously? (Becoming religious has had benefits including the team getting closer and the reduction of a lot of dirty cricket politics that used to go on before.)

  4. Yousha

    No sir, you are not getting it. Aaap sum-uz nahie rahein hoe.

    These allegation fallegations of partying shartying and fixing are all rubbish which floats up only when they lose because unsporting people are unable to accept the loss and need a psychologically acceptable reason to believe that their team was better than their opponents but lost due to some non sporting reason.

    Buchay juvwaan hein, thorie mustie toe curreingeie naa? Chhorro na in sub cheezoencoe. Winning and losing is part of the game, this is not a war or jehad. Koi tub-leighie bun-na chaahtah hai toh bun-ne do na, aap coe kissie ne blogging seh toe rock-a-nahie. kcia sir aap bhie 1999 mei hi fuss gayein aur Lakhani grandpa ki turruh baat carne lug-ein.

  5. @Hend: You still don’t get it. The point is that a team should not be blamed for losing matches because they are religious when they have lost important matches in the past due to a lifestyle that was the opposite, such as the finals of the 1999 World Cup.


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