CrestFallen Affairs

Every government of Pakistan People’s Party comes up with a thudding differentiating element and goes with ominous omen. This new government of PPP, which has come after boding so much from the unlucky people of Pakistan, has broken the record within the first hundred days, and they haven’t called it a day yet.

One thing which is glaringly vivid is the lack of governance in all the quarters. The most visible and presented thing on the forefront of this government is the leadership vacuum, and all the telltale signs are pointing towards the bankruptcy of this government in all the facets of the state affairs.

Take economy, take jobs, take health, take education, take law and order and take the foreign affairs and you would encounter the lack of interest and the ill will of the ministers and the highups in the government, and when the person like Rehman Malik is responsible for the security of the country, then what could be expected of the others.

The erosion in the cadres of the new government has become so tangible, that even the allies like ANP and PML-N are now considering PPP a pariah, and they are very apprehensive of rejoining the cabinet. Even MQM is thinking hard in that regard.

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