Credibility of Election 2008

Things are quite murky and in a sheer perplexed state throughout Pakistan just before the elections, and just before Pakistan is about to enter in a very complex and crucial stage of its existence. After the boycott of election by the major opposition parties under the umbrella of APDM, and the allegations of mass rigging by some other parties like PPP and ANP, the credibility and legitimacy of such exercise seems futile and meaningless.

People aren’t seemed much enthusiastic about the coming elections. They are more wary of the police and the thugs of local governments. The civil administration and police uses brutal force. From the common man to political parties, all have apprehensions and reservations about increase and decrease in the number of voters in the polling in various constituencies and always has raised questions of credibility.

It’s once again very much possible and some are saying that its imminent that PML-Q the King’s party, which is also called as Quisling league is all set for the mass poll rigging and they have already nominated and placed their person at the stations. One cannot really stress enough the importance of elections in solidifying the democratic society as the political games are approaching, and this time things are fishy inside out and outside in.

There are many reports in the newspapers that state machinery is being used by the pro-Musharraf candidates ruthlessly and shamelessly and elections commission of Pakistan is taking no notice of it. All that is being done to shun the popular vote and all they want is yet another dark era of shenanigans.

What’s the point of such elections?

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