We should not be astonished, if our leaders visit Europe, Dubai and America after every few months. If they don’t visit these countries then, who will look after the billion rupees of investment they have made in foreign countries. It’s a compulsion that they have to visit these places. They call their personal visits as official visits to perform their personal activities.

Pakistan’s economy is in severe commotion due to political and economical instability. Anti-corruption mechanism in Pakistan have wontedly failed every time. Present set up, National Accountability Bureau has failed. And who can forget the, National Reconciliation Ordinance. After reconciling with the person of great importance there seems to be no moral justification to continue catching disadvantageous person.

Starting with anti-Corruption Act 1949 we have wontedly tried to arrest corruption but have wretchedly failed every time. An intuition into this entire assay for supervising corruption would expose those anti-corruption efforts have always been attached to political intention. Almost all important anti-corruption literature endorse the presence of superior political and managerial will to encourage and maintain anti-corruption amendment.

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  1. @ abc: the only efficient institution left in the country is the army. By and large, you can say there is very little corruption in the army, which is a highly professional institution and has served Pakistan well. The government should introduce compusory military service for everyone aged 18 to 40, so that people like you become disciplined and patriotic.

  2. May I say some thing on this burning issue… i will say pakistan army is the most corrupt organization of this country. All the Genrals are busy in making plots and mony. they are selling the blood of inocent soldiers to fullfil their desires. in 24 hours these general are spending 10 hours on planning to grasp more number of plots and un-neccessary foriegn visits.
    I would also suggest my younger coleagues to be corrupt to live a happy life. we have become the worst nation on the face of earth and ll deminsh very soon due to our own mistakes. We blame America for all mishappenings. America has been the biggest donor to pakistan. weare the worst anemy of ourself.
    Often i think why we are producing babies. we are going to leave them in worst conditions. its me and you who will suffer for the misdoing of our dirty politions and Generals. All the politician and generals have multiple visa’s for their whole family.
    Behold and don’t worry we have to see the worst time. Seperartion Pakisan and hold of taliban and amrican.
    I hope we can contribute maximum as slaves.
    Good Luck to my peers

  3. Dear Sir;
    With respects & reverences it is apprised that the Pre-Entry Test for admissins in MBBS in Sindh Medical Colleges was conducted by Institute of Business & Management Karachi (IoBM) in which so many Irregularities were witnessed by Candidates as well as parents.
    1.Students were not seated on thier seat numbers but candidates were delibrately allowed to sit anywhere with anyone in order to be able to copy from the answer sheet of their choice.
    2. Mobile phones were allowed to consult the questions & answers from outside the exam hall (All Test center LUMHS Jamshoro , CMC Larkana & Sukkur ).
    3.There was no restiction to talk to any one so candidates were at their liberty to ask frequently from other students . It is pertinent to mention here that Group discussion was allowed among the candidates by the invagilatiors .
    4. Favouritism was observed and invagilation staff was also involved in unfair means in the test centers as also evident from Daily News papers i.e Kawish , Dawn , Ibrat , Jung etcProtests rallies , procession , staging sit in , demonstrations & slowgans were also chantted for reconducting the Pre-Entry Test for MBBS Admission .
    In view of above factual position , it is requested that Pre-Entry Test result may kindly be cancelled & be Re-conducted in fair & Proper way and under the able adminstartion as the Team of IoBM were involvd in illegal acts & unfair means . During the test their conduct were entirely against all service discipline , ethics & noms so stern action may be taken against them & High powered inquiry commitie be constituted for investigating the matter in order to know the facts & remove the irregularities for future endeavours .
    It is also requested that we meritorious students are suffering as the Test conducting institution is responsible for all our destruction . In this way poor pupils are getting loss because their crime is only that they worked very hard for conversion of our dream in to reality .Matter may be treated as most urgent Please .
    The prayer is made in the interest of justice. Eagerly Waiting For Justice.

  4. Hello .. i am the opposite kind … gave up everything to be here ….
    But now i am forced to think over and over again ….. Why …… did i make the right choice .. so far i am fighting the impulse of fate ,,, decaying hate …. but for how long …. Only God Knows

  5. We need to do and learn more than merely making statements. how about a man asks you he will help you go out of Pakistan legally if you pay him something. will you opt for this option? judge yourself honetly.

  6. well …. that is what i am trying to figure out … with all my hopes and dreams … and love for the country … is it still worth living here….
    i am so so sick and tired of everything … nothing .. just nothing seems to be working …
    everything is in shambles …. and our dear politicians still claim that …. We are here to help the poor … solve their problems and bring everything back to normal …. i just want someone in pakistan to define NORMAL please ….

  7. What kind of world are you living in? In Pakistan, corruption pays, almost all your parliamentarians are crooks. Smuggling has resulted in the closure of many industries, since the government can’t arrest smugglers, who happen to be close relatives of people in Islamabad.

  8. I am so sick and tired of the word CORRUPTION. For as long as i have lived in this country …. i have heard people say …. politicians are corrupt…. bureaucracy is corrupt …mil is corrupt …. everyone is corrupt. the whole world is corrupt ……
    Is it not interesting to see that the very same people that we label as corrupt just one yr and blame and rebuke, come back to govern us after a couple of yrs again. And we welcome them with open arms. A common english saying goes as “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. Well shame on us all for letting it happen to us, over and over and over again. And once we are the perpetrators of this crime, let us also take the blame too….. Let us live to the fact that we are a corrupt nation.
    It is again a very common perspective around here that, the only ones corrupt in Pakistan are the ones that still have not had the chance to do something. Meaning by, that everyone in any place of influence is corrupt. A first hand experience, that i was once charged with driving w/o a valid license. The Magistrate let me off with a warning but the court clerk still would not give me back my car registrations papers till the time i paid him with a certain amount. I refused. He told me to come back tomorrow, which i did, he still did not give it. I threatened to report him, he said go ahead…. he made me go to the Kachehri for a couple of days and i finally paid him more money that he had actually asked for to get what otherwise was my legal right. I, an educated man, trying to make my way through life in an honorable way, was forced by an illiterate clerk to commit a crime, only so that i could get what was rightfully mine. This is the extent to which corruption is rooted in our society.
    Please do not talk of the politicians. I have first hand experience of these democratic leaders and to my utter horror, all i have ever heard anyone talk about is, how to multiply their assets. How to make more money out of their position. A politician from lahore, i was once talking to said to me in such an innocent way that he had spent 8 million Rs on elections. It is his legal right (in any illegal way possible) to first recover the money that he had spent to get to this place. Thereon he went on to say. “Sir humnay bhi to pait paalna hai, khana hai, khilana hai.” With his basic pay as an MNA to be Rs 1,40,000 and an additional 40,000 for being a minister and another 40,000 for being an adviser on stupid committee,he still needs to make more money the illegal way to make ends meet. I also happen to know a waiter serving in the same very place, who earns only Rs 2,000 to feed his family.
    For as long as these social and economic injustices will prevail in this country, we will cont to be subjugated to further entropy of our society.
    You wanna talk about corruption, i once was sitting in Victoria Hospital in Bahwalpur, where a gun shot victim was brought in by his old mother. A lady of 70 plus and the MORALLY CORRUPT doctor there wrote down pre-meds of worth Rs 3,000 to bring otherwise he would not operate. I asked my doctor friend there, if these things are aval in the hospital. he said that they very much are, but for extreme emergencies. I asked him what more emergency could there be but this, he said, what if some influential guy walks in those doors, i do not have that kinda things with me to give away for free to every (his exact words) TOM DICK AND HARRY……
    I looked at that poor old lady and walked out of the hospital. I do not know to date what happened to her or her son. I never tried to find out, may i am also morally corrupt to find it out …. still i live in the guilt of not being able to help her or her son….
    Anyways … thank you all for bringing the once tested and proven, morally corrupt people back to the throne of the country:D
    thanks you all …. i owe you my gratitude since we are making sure that these bas***** get richer day by day and the poor … welll the poor may get just enough to survive… after all what good is their govt, if they dont have the poor to govern


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