Corporate Prisoner

After working for three companies in last seven years, regular and part-time, I can safely that it is more important that who you work with than of what you actually do. If your team, managers and top management is innovative, supporting, knowledgeable, generous and professional than you have got a dream job and you are very lucky, but if you have got suckers all around, then you should quit, if you can and never look back.

You cannot stand another day at your corporate office. Your corporate imprisonment is eating your guts out and you are about to burst and explode. Your despair is miserable in the corporate drone hood and your pain and discomfort is now being apparent in your body in the form of mental stress, muscle pains, tight necks, high/low blood pressure and even heart disorder. And if you have a family to support, the pain gets more painful. The pain is directly proportional to the volume of responsibility you have.

But you are dying to give a test drive to your own innovation. You are entrapped in the stereotypical corporate life security and your flair is searching for an outlet from within you. But you feel trapped in all roles and are unable to get a free moment to speak your own mind. Its literally crushing you out.

If that is the case with you, then you have got that natural human capability of employing your own self. You are made to rule your own self. Now you have one less thing to worry about and that is to worry about that either you can be self employed or not. Now you need to plan out a transition from your corporate life to self-employment. Don’t jump, and don’t hassle it. Take your time. Tolerate the corporate life for some more months, while you ensure the safe migration.

Find your niche, and devise out the business model you would be pursuing. Identify and weigh all the risks and their contingency plans. Don’t be afraid to tap into the intuitive, organic way of this unique, challenging and rewarding experience. Just trust your natural instincts, embrace yourself, be your friend and just do it. After planning, launch your business part-time, work on it, just grind yourself, forget that you would have a free time after 5, and forget all holidays, weekends and festivals. Believe me, when you would be working for yourself, or for your liberty, you would never get tired and you would find serendipity at every step.

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