Consistency is required in curing Black Magic

There is no such thing as Hindu magic or Christian magic or some other magic. Anyone can do any kind of magic provided they know how to do it. The most bizarre thing I have ever heard is that Hindu magic can only be cured by a Hindu and only a Christian can cure Christian magic and so on. A Muslim amil is the best person who can cure magic with Allah’s will of course, and non-muslims from all over the world look for Muslim amils.

Magic is a problem whose solution lies in patience. It does not lie in finding ‘solutions’ from whoever whoever you find, especially on the web, some of whom happen to be non-muslims. It is haram, shirk and kufr to visit non-muslims to get cured from magic. A Muslim can only try to cure magic with the help of amals which are in the form of zikr or by visiting an amil who will give some taweez to boil and drink or taweez to rub on the body. Obviously you should visit someone who is well known or who has been referred to by someone who got cured. Don’t visit fakes who advertise.

If a person visits a doctor and gets antibiotics to be taken over a period of a few weeks, then the person has to complete that time. What would you say about someone who took them for three or four days and then said, well, I don’t see a difference so i’ll stop. Similar is the case with taweez taken from an amil, whether to be rubbed or boiled, or self healing through manzil water, which is also known as ayat-ul-hirs.

People are very keen on getting cured from magic but pay little attention in protection. Reading the 3 Quls thrice, blowing on the palms and rubbing all over the body takes a minute. Once in the morning and once before sleeping is not too difficult. Special attention should be paid to this form of protection because this also reduces the effect of magic.

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    so morning surah Bakara drink 250 ml water with per each 7 times manzil and 6 ayats shifa/ and 4 ayats agaist sihr . Each per 7 times

    evening do the same again … and wash yourself with this water and rub the same oil in adddition.

    read sura 37,55, 56/ for money, 59, 67, 72 to burn jinns and blow onto youself 3 times..or read sura Bakara again up to you.. after 6 months you will be healthy inshaallah

    for protection read ayat Kursi mornings and evenings… dont warm water and dont mix with other.. only take warm water for washing.. leave for drinking 500 ml and rest use for washing.. if you read that short surahs 37…..ect into water and blow after each page it will be much stronger… i did it together and without whole surah.. with surahs jinn burns better.. Read Bakara 2 times at least!!! dayly. or 3..

  2. @ Kulsum: Please pray 2 rakats salat-ul-hajat daily and ask Allah in dua. You can also pray more than 2 rakats in one day. Allah forbid, but if it is magic, you can try the amals I have posted on this blog.


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