Consequences of a democratic process

In US the ongoing presidential campaign has adversely affected Pakistan in a very large extent. The statements issued by both republican and democratic vice presidential candidates regarding their foreign policy stance, particularly towards Pakistan are not only weakening Pak-US relations but are also hyper actively culminating grounds for another world war. The same for granted altitude of US previously resulted in catastrophes of World War II.

It was then that US was not aware of the destruction that it indulged by dropping atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and consequently, it is again ignoring important facts like; that Pakistan is a nuclear state and any stance or statement that aims at endangering Pakistan security can result in any form of sever devastation. Whatsoever and howsoever weak is Pakistan’s economy, with worst internal situation the government and its army still possess the capability to act what is best for Pakistan’s sovereignty. American presidential candidates must envisage maturity while giving any statement because merely for the sake of winning an election, the security of entire world should not be devalued.

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  1. I wish that was true… I am nor sure if the empowered in PK know when to use the nukes if ever to use them. The US very well knows that we cannot. All sold out!!! thats why blatant and rude statements are pouring in from a redneck (palin) and an opportunist ( obama)these days.


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