Conscience of Humanity

Far too many historical wrongs need apologies from the collective conscience of humanity. All the problems arise when some bigger power start telling the lesser nations as how they ought to live and what should be their concept of freedom or social justice.

In the colonial era, its an open secret and a very dark corner of the history of mankind as how the evangelistic spirit of an imperial powers ruined the social structure and stability of society, by the so called enlightening the natives.

Now take Iraq. People there might not be most happiest inhabitants of earth before US intervened with guns blowing and mouth flapping and its media screaming ‘WMDs’, but they weren’t either in the mess they are right now. Iraq had been civilized for 7000 years, only the concept of civilization was a bit different, and which is that it had oil which America needed.
US foreign policy is aimed at maintaining US economic and political pre-eminence in the world. The moot point is that whether its has the right to do so? Who gave her the license to act as a universal cop?

US has got lots countries from which she has to ask for an apology. You name it. Who has forgotten Vietnam? 50,000 US casualties of the war, 2,000,000 Vietnamese, no US compensation for using chemical weapons, … and the list of atrocities goes on.

But US is also taking toll of its war of ‘quest of might’. Albert Meyer, an American blogger has put it in following words:

“US government auditors are warning that the war will cost us $2.3 trillion. Add this to the $9 trillion national debt and we are a country in serious debt. We currently pay $500 billion per annum to service the $9 trillion debt. We are building an embassy in Iraq the size of the Vatican and 14 military bases. The cost will run close to a trillion dollars. We have 700 military bases in 130 countries. Our foreign empire costs us another trillion dollars a year to maintain. Ron Paul will bring our troops home, slash our foreign spending and start repaying our national debt ($30,000 per man, woman and child, not including $8,000 per capita to fund the war). Currently we are borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars a year to finance government expenditures. This borrowing places a huge interest cost on us. Future generations will have to deal with the repayment of capital. There is nothing moral about this picture.

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