Conscience Call

Henry VII was king of England. Thomas Moore was the most important personality in the country after the Royalty. He was poet, writer, and saint for the Catholics, the Lord Chancellor and the Member Privy Council. His esteem was higher than all these ranks as a Judge.

Henry wanted to marry Anmbolin after divorcing Catherine. It was only possible on the verdict by Thomas Moore. On return from France Thomas Moore went to see Henry. He was sitting with Bible open in front. Henry said, “Read Bible from here. As per this Catherine is divorced.”

“Your majesty, no such thing is written in Bible,” humbly submitted Thomas after reading the indicated part. Henry was annoyed with the answer but Thomas was right.

Later, Henry made himself the head of the Church of England and ordered Thomas to ratify the announcement. “Your majesty, this is not possible. You are the head of the state and not the church. Once again he had annoyed the King on the inner voice telling him about right and wrong.

Henry could not take this. Thomas Moore was ordered to death. “Behead him,” Henry had suggested.

Death is the litmus test of any one’s valour. How Thomas embraced death has only a few parallels in the history. Unruffled, Thomas combed his beard when he was told to get ready to be guillotined.

“What a time to comb your beard,” asked the executor, surprised.

“My beard has a right on me. After all there is no fault of my beard,” Thomas said and presented his neck. Next moment his head was away from his body.

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