Put simply, compassion is not a matter of who’s right or wrong or who’s innocent or guilty. These are petty, common and trivial issues that concern children. Compassion is a matter of grace, strength of character, integrity, and respect.

Each person is responsible for his/her own emotions/feelings as can be reasoned by noting that the same words directed at different people or the same person at different times or under different circumstances will ignite different emotional responses. Different people being stabbed will all bleed and sustain near similar initial damage, given that the weapon was used in a similar fashion – even here though everything is not completely identical because of individual body differences. For the relationship between emotions/feelings, physical reactions, behavior, thoughts and environment/situation, it is paramount to fully understand the concept that one’s emotions are dependent on one’s thoughts.

Arrogance compels both innocent and wrongdoer to avoid engagements that would progress their conflict to a state of resolution. The option they leave themselves with is self-destructive and damaging to all involved. The evasion of compassion is an irrational act that only the most socially inept, clumsy fools could embrace.

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